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4K UHD Files (3840x2160)
   2048x1536 scans saved to 4K files
   requires newer computer with fast storage
   $10 per 50' of Silent Film

  • AVID DNxHR 3840x2160 444 (.mov)
    Each scan = 1 frame of 15 or 18 fps video
    700 Mb/s pro video = 21GB per 50'
  • ProRes XQ 3840x2160 4444 (.mov)
    29.97fps video - no 15fps or 18fps options
    900 Mb/s pro video = 27GB per 50'
  • AVC, Sony XAVC, HEVC, etc.
    Please specify choice for accurate quote

Source Files or Image Scans
   2048x1536 scans saved to 2048x1536
   start with our high quality source files

   $12 per
50' of Silent Film

  • 2048x1536 300 MB/s SOURCE AVI
    Each scan = 1 frame of 15 or 18 fps video
    300 Mb/s pro video = 9 GB per 50'
  • 2048x1536 PNG, BMP, TIFF or JPG Images saved in sequence
    Each scan = 1 picture saved in sequence

1080p HD Files (1920x1080p)
  2048 x1536 scans saved to 1080p
   $8 per 50' of Silent Film

  • AVID DNxHD 19120x1080 422 (.mov)
    Each scan = 1 frame of 15 or 18 fps video
    100 Mb/s pro video = 5GB per 50'
  • ProRes 422 1920x1080 (.mov)
    29.97fps video - no 15fps or 18fps options
    100 Mb/s pro video = 5GB per 50'
  • AVC, Sony XAVC, HEVC, etc.
    Please specify choice for accurate quote

Ready-to-go Gifts for Family
1920x1080 HD Blu-ray/DVD Combo


Reel Size


Viewing Time

per reel



3" Reel


Up to 4


3.5"-4" Reel


Up to 10


5" Reel

200' Up to 20 Minutes $50
6" Reel 300' Up to 30 Minutes $75
7" Reel 400' Up to 40 Minutes $100

Copies = $15 per disc in set

This month ALL Blu-ray orders Receive: 

   FREE Deep Cleaning & Exposure Correction
   FREE Level 2 Post-Capture Color Editing
   FREE 1080p MP4 saved to your USB Hard Drive
   Scanned images used for case & disc artwork

Retail Store Transfer to DVD
= only 5 Mbps!
Retail "frame-by-frame"
= only Analog SVHS
We Accept Personal Checks
and PayPal Payments
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   Commercial  Video  &  Sound
  We Transfer 8mm, 16mm & Super-8 Films
    to 4K Files,1080p Files, Blu-ray and/or DVD
(AVID DNxHR, Apple ProRes XQ, 4K HEVC, 1080p MP4)

Now Using 2048x1536 Sony IMX Camera Tech
       Premium Quality!  Our Best Value Ever!

        "We preserve a lifetime of memories"
   Over 20 Years of Film Transfer Experience!


                      Actual Scan from 1960's 8mm Film
             Each frame is now scanned as a 2048x1536 image           Scanned images used for artwork.
            Most older films support 2K, 1080p & Blu-ray quality!


A GREAT Gift for the Entire Family!
We transfer your aging 8mm, Super-8 & 16mm Film
to 4K, 1080p HD, Blu-ray, and/or DVD
We Preserve a Lifetime of Memories!

   You are purchasing a SERVICE:
 We transfer 8mm, Super-8 & 16mm reel-to-reel home movie films to digital:

Send us your silent reel-to-reel home movie films and we will transfer them to YOUR choice of 4K UHD (3840x2160), 1080p HD (1920x1080p), Blu-ray and/or DVD.  We use the LATEST 2020 film transfer technology and software to produce higher quality transfers than other services in our price range.  We routinely transfer films to 4K UHD digital files for historical documentaries, university football teams, professional athletes, famous families, and film archive libraries.

What's Included:

  • Extended Deep Cleaning
     We carefully wind & rewind your films 8X through lint-free film cleaning pads.

  • New for 2020: 2048x1536 Sony IMX Camera & Software Technology! 
     We start with 2048x1536 300+ Mb/s video before rendering-out your file choice.

  • Includes Level 1 Color & Exposure Correction
     During the initial transfer we manually adjust the color & exposure settings.
     We re-transfer footage that benefits from better color or exposure settings.
     Our attention to detail & 20 years of experience provides exceptional results.

  • This Month Only = FREE Level 2 Editing for all 1080p & Blu-ray Orders
    We make your final video better than the original films - see our examples!
     This step especially helps films that have faded to blue, green, or red from age
     (Note: Low-quality or damaged films may not look as good as our examples)

  • We render video to YOUR CHOICE of 4K, 1080p, Blu-ray, and/or DVD
    We start with 2048x1536 300+ Mb/s video before rendering out your file choices

  • 60 Day Inspection Period & 60 Day Warranty - We Stand Behind Our Service!
    We will fix problems & re-ship corrected files if you notify us within 60 days.

  • 20+ years on the Internet = we will be here if you need help in the future!

  • 4X the labor & 6X the quality vs. frame-by-frame media transfer services! 

Why Scan Films at 2048x1536 resolution and not just 480i DVD, 720p or 1080p?

95% of 50+ year-old personal family films retain their amazing photo quality!  Unlike very low quality VHS & analog camcorder videos, films are a series of photo-quality images originally projected onto large movie screens - as large as modern 4K UHD & HDTVs.  Our NEW 2048x1536 Sony IMX camera & software technology makes your films look their best on large 40"+ UHD & HDTVs, etc.  2048x1536 just exceeds the grain quality of the film, so future generations will not have to pay-again to preserve the best quality your films support.  We now provide 4K 3840x2160 UHD files for convenient 4K editing but you may also choose the 1920x1080p files or playable 1920x1080 Blu-ray/DVD combo.

Why Choose CVS Professionals?

  • From our beginning we specialized in digitally transferring old reel-to-reel movie films for historical documentaries, film archive libraries, universities, professional athletes, etc.  Professional clients demand the best so we are continually upgrading our technology to meet their stringent requirements. 

  • Therefore a FILM SPECIALIST transfers your personal family films using studio quality systems.  Unlike the typical home movie transfer services, we do NOT have rows of low-cost automated systems operated by hourly employees.

  • In 2005, we were one of the FIRST to offer DVD (digital) vs. VHS (analog).

  • In 2009, we were one of the FIRST to offer affordable 1920x1080 Blu-ray quality.

  • TODAY = NEW (2020) 2048x1536 Sony IMX Camera, Transfer & Software technology with superior color & exposure control during the actual scan process.  Meanwhile other services are just now upgrading to 720p or 1080p which focus on ease of operation by their hourly employees vs. high quality video.

Comparing Us to Other Commercial HD Services:

Our professional clients prefer our results because we take time to stop, rewind & re-scan scenes that benefit from  improved color & exposure settings.  In comparison, many other "commercial" services run the film "once and done"...  Most commercial services using our exact technology & workflow charge $25 - $30 per 50' of film...  We are able to offer high quality at affordable prices because we work-in your personal film order while while we are waiting for large commercial orders to S-L-O-W-L-Y render-out uncompressed HD to meet professional and broadcast standards...  Therefore our business model is win/win for you & us!

Comparing Us to Cheaper Media Transfer Services: 

Most local stores ship-out old movie films to a central store or 3rd party where hourly employees manage rows of automated machines.  They transfer everything from low-quality VHS tapes to high quality reel-to-reel films.  Customers with low expectations for 50 year-old films are typically happy because the 8 Mb/s DVDs from their photo-quality films look about the same as the 8 Mb/s DVDs made from their low-quality VHS tapes.  They do not realize that films are photo-quality media supporting 6X the resolution & 12X the data rate of DVD! 

Important Reminders:

Our service is for transferring silent reel-to-reel movie film Please note that some low-quality Super-8 films from the 1970's may have color loss whereas most films from the 1940's-1960's typically look pristine (like our examples).  Our discounted online service/pricing is for family films only.  Do NOT send us new undeveloped film, commercial films, copyrighted material, cartoons, burlesque, or XXX adult films.  We keep your master capture files for 60 days to honor our 60 Day Warranty.  Please make your own backup copies during this time.  After 60 days we cannot provide replacement files.  However, our playable Blu-ray & DVD discs come with a 1 year warranty.  If you send us back the original non-functioning Blu-ray or DVD within one year, we will send out a replacement disc.

Payment, Shipping & Turn-Around Details:

You are responsible for shipping your film reels to us in a sturdy BOX using a reliable shipping method with Signature Confirmation for the security of your pre-transferred films.  We keep a backup copy of your entire project for 60 days...   Turn-around depends on the condition of your film reels and season.  Please arrange for expedited processing and shipping if you need your project for an important family event or holiday.  Our professional quality & attention to detail take longer than automated consumer-grade services...

Ohio Residents: your order will automatically include 6.5% Ohio sales tax.

Minnesota, Washington, Iowa, Connecticut, New Jersey, Alabama, Oklahoma Pennsylvania, and many other states: Orders will include sales tax based on YOUR new state laws regarding out-of-state purchases.


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